TEACHERS TRAVEL FREE in our 5×1 programme

All teachers can share an educational experience with their students abroad. The 5×1 offers enable a teacher to accompany his/her group of 5 students without worrying about the expenses.

5 paying students: 1 teacher free of charge.


Courses for Teachers of English with preparation for the University of Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT)

Who is the Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) for?
2 to 4 week courses preparing candidates for the University of Cambridge’s TKT to develop the knowledge and teaching skills of people who teach English to primary, secondary and adult learners, and also people who are interested in teaching as a career. This qualification will help you to understand:

  • different methodologies for teaching
  • the ‘language of teaching’
  • the ways in which resources can be used
  • the key aspects of lesson planning
  • classroom management methods for different needs