Education UK: The adventure of a lifetime!

Education UK: The adventure of a lifetime!

by admin

14 Feb 2013

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Education UK

Innovative – Individual – Inspirational

A multicultural and enjoyful experience, the adventure of a lifetime!!

This is a short film about the fun and experiences you can have studying in the UK. The video highlights a typical journey for an international student – from arriving in the United Kingdom to beginning a career.


For more information on studying in the UK visit the
 Education UK website

Alternatively, visit the Education UK Facebook page at EducationUK.BC 

To watch more videos from Education UK, visit their channel at  StudyInTheUK 

Discover the UK’s unique culture, cities and countryside, and have the adventure of a lifetime!

For more information on all there is to do in the UK, please visit: Have the Adventure of a Lifetime

Studying in the UK
is a chance to discover its unique culture, cities and countryside. Across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, there’s so much to experience. Luckily, the UK is easy to travel around.

The UK’s countryside is truly beautiful. You’ll find snow-topped mountains and rolling green hills, flowery meadows and ancient forests, sandy beaches and deserted islands. Hiking and cycling are great ways to take in the breathtaking scenery.

The UK is passionate about sport. Most schools, colleges and universities run sport societies – such as yoga, football, dance, cricket, rugby, athletics and hockey. Joining is a great way to make friends.

For adrenaline junkies, there are hundreds of outdoor activities you can try across the UK – such as surfing, mountain climbing, diving, kiting, horse riding, abseiling and even skiing! While you recover from your exercise, you can watch world-class sport events, such as Wimbledon, the FA Cup or the Grand National.

Aside from sport, music is the UK’s other national obsession. People love going to concerts to see famous bands, or to discover weird and wonderful new artists. Across the UK, you will find hundreds of live music gigs each day – from pop, rock and dance to classical, folk, metal and jazz.

In summer, nothing beats camping at a music festival. Grab your tent, your sunscreen and your raincoat (just in case). For a unique experience, try one of the UK’s many folk festivals for traditional music.

If you are a history lover, the UK is the place to be. Across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland you can see history all around you, and you are never far from an ancient castle, grand country house or picturesque old village. There are hundreds of outstanding museums and art galleries too, hosting world-famous exhibitions and collections. Many are free of charge or offer good discounts for students.

If you’re interested in theatre and the performing arts, you will love events like the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland or Eisteddfod in Wales. No trip to the UK is complete, however, without going to a comedy night. Here you can experience the UK’s somewhat eccentric sense of humour – just don’t sit in the front row unless you want to become part of the act!

Have a look at their Living and studying in the UK section for inspiration, or find out more about the UK’s arts, culture, tourist attractions and events at VisitBritain and Discover Northern Ireland.

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